Opening is a doddle

Silca can give you a convenient, safe duplicate

Remote controls for automatic opening of overhead and section doors, gates, automatic barriers, and awnings. A Silca expert can create a copy of any remote control in a few minutes: design and technology come together to provide the best, most effective solution.
  1. If you have a spare remote control, there’s no risk of having to leave your car on the road.
  2. Do you want someone to have access to the house in your absence? You can give him or her their own remote control.
  3. Is yours a big family? You can make a copy for each member of the family.
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Coloured, ergonomic, practical. Silca remote controls are compatible with the main brands on the market. In just a few minutes you can have one or more copies of your original, to keep in the house, in the car or your motor bike glove box, to give to someone else or use in an emergency. Available in a choice of five colours, they come with four anatomical, easy to use function keys.
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