Is this your key?

Do you recognize it?

Do you recognize it? Your key is probably one of these types. Now you know what it looks like, you have all the information you need to ask locksmiths nationwide if they can make a copy of your original: you’ll have a duplicate in minutes. Keep it handy for emergencies, as a spare to family or neighbors...just in case.

Twice a Week, Nearly a Quarter of Americans Misplace Their Home and Car Keys.

1 in 4
One in four Americans misplace their home or car keys twice every week
100 million
Total number of US Households
Average cost of key replacement
Internal company research used for average cost of key replacement for a car and a home key inclusive of the service component


Digital copies of keys on your Phone in the MyKeys Safe mobile app

Save Keys for your whole family.

<Front Door Key – Mom and Dad’s Beach Home>

<Car Key - Mom’s Old and Rusty Acura>

In case of a lockout, open your app, retrieve your lost key, go to the closest Ilco locksmith on your app and get a fresh copy made in no time

Save time in case of a car or home lockout

Be free of stress and worry of losing your keys

Your keys tell who you are.

Keys can be copied, but that’s not to say they can’t be unique. Ilco lets you customize them to your taste: choose your color, different from all the others. Whatever solution you want, Ilco will always have a strong, attractive key made of top quality alloys and raw materials.
Check out our specialty keys from participating locations

Attractive and top quality

Strong and attractive. We seek the best raw materials for our keys worldwide: they guarantee durability and are resistant to the shocks and twisting of everyday use.

Worn keys damage locks

It enters the lock and turns but opens with difficulty. A worn key should be copied before it’s too late. Even if the key still works, worn cuts eventually damage the lock. This means the key could break, get stuck or turn without opening the door, forcing you to ask for emergency service.
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