Automotive Keys

Don’t wait until you’ve lost your car keys.

If you’ve lost your car keys, you’ll probably have to wait a few days for the dealer or mechanic to get you a new one. A shop in the Ilco MyKeys SAFE network can prevent this: you can have a perfect working copy of the original in next to no time, and without spending a fortune.


  • An expert in the Ilco network can offer advantageous, competitive solutions.
  • It’s easy to find a participating location near you, where your duplicate will be ready in minutes.
  • With Ilco you won’t be without your car for long.

Proximity keys, Flip keys, keys with the same design as the original, transponder keys: a Ilco network center can duplicate many types of keys. All you have to do is contact a center and take your original key to the shop: you won’t have to wait long for a perfect, working copy. Keep one for an emergency or to give to someone else.

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